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My name is Brian.

I’m currently living in a very conservative part of the United States with my partner and our three cats. We’re very normal, perhaps even boring, but we like it that way. Even though our region isn’t very progressive, we have lots of wonderful, supportive friends and an open, accepting church. Life is good.

The name of my site, In Repair, comes from a song by John Mayer. It seems to fit where I’m at in my life right now; working towards certain goals spiritually, emotionally, financially. It feels like I’m pretty close to reaching some of those goals, which is why I love the lyric “I’m not together, but I’m getting there.”

This site usually serves as a space for me to think out load or to share special memories with friends. I often write about the struggles I face trying to reconcile my faith with my sexuality. It has been a rather difficult and complicated journey so far, yet I’ve still got questions that I want answered.

Please feel free to comment… I love the feedback.

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