I Am So Mad At Myself

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I Am So Mad At Myself

I bought an LG Dare on eBay in December because I was still under contract with Verizon Wireless and they wanted full retail price for the phone ($499). I saved quite a bit of money going that route, but still spent what most people would consider to be an obscene amount of money on a cell phone.

Fast forward to today… I decided to use compressed air to blow dust out of the ear piece and instead blew out the speaker. I didn’t realize my mistake until this afternoon when I received a call and could barely hear the caller. The speaker is damaged to the point that it is virtually unusable. I am sick with disappointment.

Since I didn’t purchase the phone from Verizon and therefore don’t have insurance on it, I have three options. I can send it somewhere to be repaired for God-only-knows how much money, I can take it to the Verizon store and see if they will repair it without checking to see if I actually bought it from them, or I can activate my old phone and throw this one in a drawer (while smacking myself for being a dumb ass).

I loathe myself sometimes.

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