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Making A New Friend?

I’ve decided to ask a woman out on a date. Not a romantic date, just a friendly date. The funny/strange thing is that the only encounters I have ever had with this lady are in Walmart – where she scans and bags the items that I am buying.

You know how you meet someone and instantly feel like you have a connection and that you could be great friends if given the opportunity? That’s the way I feel about Jenna. Maybe we have old souls that were acquainted in a previous life or something. She always has the biggest smile when she sees us come up to the register and she likes to chit-chat… about how high prices are getting, about her cats, about the musical card that I picked out for a friend’s birthday. Conversation comes naturally and easily – just like it should with friends.

When going through her lane this evening, I grabbed two Hershey’s bars – one with almonds and one without. After she had scanned and passed them to me, I asked her which was her favorite. She pointed to the plain chocolate one, so I handed it to her and told her it was hers. She squealed with delight and immediately turned to tell the cashier next to her what had just transpired.

I know virtually nothing about this woman. I figure she is in her late 40’s or early 50’s. She moved here from a much larger city that is several hours away. While I’m not sure what her feelings are on homosexuality, she seems to totally understand that Honey and I are a couple. She even asks where my “buddy” is when I’m alone.

I would like to see if Jenna wants to go out for dinner or something so that we can see if a friendship can develop, but I’m worried about coming across as creepy. I mean, if I were in her shoes, it might freak me out a bit if two guys asked me to accompany them to a restaurant. I’d be worried about ending up in the river before the night was over.

It’s interesting how making a new friend can resemble dating. You typically do the same things with a new friends that you might do on a romantic excursion – like going to dinner or watching a movie – before progressing to more “intimate” activities like long telephone conversations or visits to one another’s homes. And just like with romantic dating, friend dating can go really well or really badly.

So, how do I approach this in a manner so that Jenna knows I am simply interested in making a new friend?

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